Slimbridge Dowsing Group
Peter Golding, BA, C.Eng, MIET, a retired engineer, is a professional water diviner with over 30 years of practical dowsing experience in UK and arid regions of the Middle East. He is a member of the Professional Dowsers Register, a member of the British Society of Dowsers, and current vice-chairman of their Water Divining Special Interest Group and recent
holder of their prestigious Roy Talbot Award for services to
water divining and dowsing in general. He also locates
the route of pipes for water and sewage.

He has demonstrated his water divining skills on BBC TV,
National Geographic TV, ARD TV (Germany) and radio
programmes and currently teaches many applications
of dowsing to enthusiasts, including members of Slimbridge
Dowsing Group
, which he formed a number of years ago in
his home village in Gloucestershire, and is now their president.

One day Water divining workshop on Saturday 21st January

I will be teaching another Water Divining workshop at my home in Slimbridge, Glos. GL2 7DG, on Saturday 21st January 2017 commencing 10:30am and finishing about 4:30pm. Details on the Teaching Dowsing page.


Peter Golding memoirs

Dowsing for Water - The Complete Practical Guide

With colour photographs and original diagrams by artist Helen Gee.

"This book fills a huge gap. There are many introductory books on learning to dowse, and some outstanding books by advanced practitioners, but very little on how you make the enormous transition from enthusiastic amateur dowser to accomplished water diviner. The publication of this book is therefore to be celebrated."
Ced Jackson, Malvern Dowsers


Peter Golding memoirsExperiences of an Old Dowser
is a long awaited memoir of respected water dowser and diviner, Peter Golding.

Peter explores the mystery of dowsing in its many forms from water divining to remote healing. He shares his fascinating experiences, but most importantly, he shares the techniques he has learned and honed over 34 years. If you want to be inspired, encouraged and affirmed in your beliefs as a dowser, this is the book for you.