Dowsing lesson

Water Divining Workshop 21st January

I will be teaching another Water Divining workshop at my home in Slimbridge, Glos. GL2 7DG, on Saturday 21st January 2017 commencing 10:30am and finishing about 4:30pm.

I will be using my book ‘Dowsing for Water. The Complete Guide’ as the course book. The level is from Beginner to Intermediate.

At the end of the course you will be able to:

Use geological maps and understand the properties of rocks where groundwater is likely (and most unlikely) to be found.

Use your dowsing tools to locate both shallow and deep sources of groundwater by map dowsing and on site.

Use the Bishop’s Rule and Creyke’s Rules and my ‘counting method’ to predict its depth, quality and sustainable flow rate.

Understand what happens during the drilling operation and the construction of the borehole and wellhead.

Course fee £80 and you may purchase the course book at half-price.

Contact Peter direct on 07483 805661 or e-mail