SLIMBRIDGE DOWSING GROUP - Providing a forum for dowsers throughout Gloucestershire

The Slimbridge Dowsing Group

in Gloucestershire was formed by Peter Golding in 2003 in response to requests following a talk given to the Local History Society on the discovery, by dowsing, of an ancient labyrinth in the village. The formal Inaugural Meeting was held on 23 November 2006.

Join us and discover:

The ancient skill of Water Divining; how to locate unseen underground archaeological features; how to diagnose and relieve health problems in people and animals.

We welcome enthusiasts and beginners from throughout the county and beyond at our fortnightly practical sessions held at the Slimbridge Village Hall, opposite the Church, (Other venues if sufficient support.)

Meetings are open to everyone, novices, members and non-members alike. Members £2; Non-members £3.
Second Thursdays 2:00pm to 3:30pm. Fourth Saturdays 10:30am to 11:30 noon. For a full listing select 'Events' from the menu.

Slimbridge Dowsing Group

is affiliated with The British Society of Dowsers.


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At the 2009 AGM, most of our long-standing (and long-suffering!) Committee were returned unopposed. One newcomer, Jon Martin, was heartily welcomed, and we bid a reluctant farewell to Arthur Marrow, who has recently moved out of the area but hopes to continue coming to some meetings.

Slimbridge Dowsing Group Comittee

Back row: Jim Geatrix, Jon Martin, Peter Gibson (Vice Chairman) Trish Mills (Publicity and Newsletter), Ann Jones (Refreshments)
Front row: Barbara Davis (Secretary and Membership), Peter Golding (Chairman), Barry Goldring (Treasurer)

Chairman Peter Golding

01453 890316

Vice-chairman Peter Gibson

01453 890820

Secretary Barbara Davis

01453 890679

Publicity Secretary Trish Mills

Tel: 01453 545855  or e-mail

Treasurer Barry Goldring

01453 861002

Committee members

Ann Jones 01453 890244
Jim Geatrix 01453 543444
Jon Martin 01453 547204 (h)
07941 690668 (m)


This has been another successful year for our Slimbridge Dowsing Group. Our total membership has increased yet again, and we have enjoyed a full and interesting programme of events with meetings twice per month plus additional field events. This probably makes Slimbridge Dowsing Group the most active dowsing group in the United Kingdom. Your very enthusiastic and hard working Committee, together with your loyalty, regular attendance and participation in the Group activities, has brought about this success.

Let me recall just a few of the twenty-or-more meetings and activities that we have enjoyed, showing the diversity of subjects and the broad range of applications of dowsing skills.

In January you may remember that our scheduled speaker on Crystal Healing, let us down at the last minute. Fortunately, Collette Stubbs from Worcester came at very short notice, and gave an excellent talk on the same subject, getting us all involved in dowsing over a selection of crystals, to select the ones that would be most beneficial.

In April Peter Gibson took us to fields near his home at Shepherd’s Patch where we were honing our archaeological dowsing skills in locating outlines of long gone 18th century buildings, including an essential cider and beer house. Many of our findings were later confirmed by referring to an old 1803 map.

Our archaeological dowsing skills proved helpful in locating many of the Purton Hulks, which had been deliberately run aground to protect the banks of the canal from erosion, but are now buried under layers of silt on the shores of the River Severn.

In May my Water Divining Workshop, held in conjunction with the BSD, was a bit of a flop due partly to low attendance. However, Aaron Bray, visiting from Cornwall, gave an interesting description of the procedure in drilling a water well.

In July we were introduced to a complementary form of healing by Jan van der Elsen who brought his vast collection of Tibetan singing bowls and ancient drums, which created a variety of therapeutic tones when rubbed or struck.

Our favourite animal healer, Ann Lodygowski, came to a packed meeting in August to demonstrate her very successful method of dowsing over samples of hair and fur to determine the animals’ ailments and cures.

In September Dr Patrick MacManaway, past-President of the BSD, gave an excellent illustrated talk on Earth Energies, Geopathic Stress, and Agriculture. I wonder how many of us will follow his guidance by storing our seeds inside a stone circle to improve germination and yield.

The talks and activities have been very interesting of course, but that is not all that happens at our meetings. It is an opportunity to mingle, make new friends and share experiences whilst enjoying a cup of tea or coffee and a biscuit. I must admit that the majority of my friends now are those I have met in conjunction with my dowsing activities. We come from a variety of backgrounds, but we are united in this fascinating hobby of dowsing - some of us even make it a profession. I value the support that you have given to our Slimbridge Dowsing Group. Long may this last and flourish.

Thank you.


Well I feel a bit self conscious standing up and telling you what a great job I’ve done this year. It’s mainly thanks to the Gazette who are very good to us and have published 19 of our reports so far this year. We’re getting known locally and several people tell me they enjoy reading them even though they don’t believe in dowsing! We also get a mention in sundry local magazines such as the Slimbridge Village Newsletter, What’s On and Vale Vision, both put out by the local councils.

Thanks are also due to Simon Olley who is Peter Golding’s son-in-law to be, and our webmaster. He does a great job and puts our reports and photographs on the website. If you haven’t visited the site, do take a look.

Our Newsletter has been very well received and we go into our third year with the next issue in January. Printing in colour is quite expensive, 50p each, so we have to consider reproducing it in mono – black and white, which would be quite a saving. We would still e-mail PDFs of the colour version. I quite like mono, it has a charming retro feel to it. We might give it a try.

Peter Golding, our Chairman, believes publicity is the oxygen of any organisation and is keen to maintain our presence at local shows such as the Slimbridge Horse Show in July.

Because our Gazette reports have become something of an institution, I am considering reproducing them in book form. I think my first report appeared in January 2007, so we have four year’s worth, and I will get permission from the Gazette to use their logo on the back. I also have a title. Some of you may remember Ann Lodygowski’s talk recently about animal healing. One member brought along some fur from his ailing rabbit, and Ann dowsed it and announced in ringing tones, "This rabbit is constipated!" I thought that would make a great title for the book.

Also as a result of our Gazette reports, we have been approached by people in the community for help, which is a wonderful form of recognition. Interestingly, mostly farmers, who are after all most in touch with the land. One farmer was planning to use some of his land for a green burial site but when he applied for planning permission, Stroud District Council said he had to have a survey to make sure there was nothing important there. Enter Slimbridge Dowsing Group! We found quite a lot for him and gave him a free report which hadn’t involved any expense at all.

Another farmer called us in to dowse the history of one his fields and we discovered there had been several grand houses built on the same site virtually since time began. And yet a third farmer called us in because his cattle were dying and he needed to know why. We dowsed and discovered that long-buried WW2 fuel tanks were now leaking. And some of us were fortunate enough to spend a fascinating day on the farm of one of our members that is the site of a medieval village.

Finally, I want to comment on the forthcoming programme for next year. As you know from the Treasurer’s report, times is ’ard and, like the government, we are trying to make spending cuts. We are therefore turning to the membership for talks and ideas, in order to save the cost of paying outside speakers. However, this does not mean a lack lustre programme. After four years plus of listening and learning at Peter’s knee – and other low joints – some of our members have discovered they have great aptitude and become excellent dowsers. They’ve been on courses, learned a lot, discovered new things, visited new places. So come along to their talks with an open mind, and consider whether you can perhaps make a contribution yourself. We all have interesting stories to tell. There's a lot of talent here and it's our chance to give something back.